"Results are amazing!"

I relocated to Cd'A from the Portland, OR area, and am excited to be here! With over 15 years in the fitness industry, I am thrilled to share the BarreU journey with the you, the women of Cd'A. 

I am nationally and internationally trained, bringing the best of what's out there to BarreUcda. I am using knowledge gained from 15 years of various class formats, to bring you the best, total-body workout.  At barreUcda, every workout is the perfect combination of mind-body intention and high-intensity strength. Designed for all ages and fitness levels, barreucda is the workout you have been looking for. Once you come to a barreUcda class, you will never go back.

BarreUcda is the exclusive, premier Barre studio in the Cd'A area. We not only pride ourselves in the strength and length that comes from our one-of-a-kind workouts, but we are also a community that encourages health and change. I am delighted to call CdA home and welcome you to meet me at barreUcda.


  • all FITNESS levels & AGES
  • Certified Studio
  • ​High-Intensity, Low-impact workout
  • Butt-Lifting, Ab-Toning, Leg-Lengthening 
  • 55mn. of fun!
  • ​Mind-body Awareness
  • community of friends
  • results-oriented


Our new healthy eating plan launches in September!

We believe in lifestyle change. We are ready to partner with you in the biggest way ever! 7Days is a plan that will work alongside your barre practice. With exact meals and snacks to get you back to your best U! Specials given at our 2-year party on September 7th; 4:30-7:30 FREE!

A Length & Strength Workout​​
* A fusion of dance exercise, yoga and pilates
* A 55mn. total-body workout
* High-intensity, calorie-burning 
* Low-impact (protects your joints)
* Works every muscle in your body
* Upbeat music
* Encouraging & Positive Culture
* Focuses on lifting your "seat" (behind)
* Lengthens your legs (dancer's long)
* Tones abdominals (tummy) 

Have your barre and sunshine, too!

We have two classes coming to the park - Riverstone!!

BarreZen; 5:30pm Tuesday

Barre All-Level 10:30am Wednesday


Believe in yourself. Progression not Perfection. Be the Change.

7 Days at a time

Jenny Wiglesworth

BarreU Owner -

Primary Group Fitness Instructor

Internationally Barre Certified. 


barre in the park

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