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Barre in the park

This class works similarly to our Barre All-level class, but in a fun outdoor atmosphere. 

Members must bring their own mats. Everything else is provided. 

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Recommended Clothing: Leggings, Sports Bra and a Loose Tank or T-shirt. 

WHAT to expect?

A high-intensity, low-impact workout. Each class begins with a warm-up, followed by toning and strength exercises at the barre, upper-body exercises with light hand-weights, ending with core-strength and deep stretching. We practice barefoot. 

Step-up to the barre

This class takes barre to a whole new level. This high-intensity class allows for a 350+ calorie burn (in a 1/2 hour class). 

A fusion of barre and step, this class if fun, upbeat and the perfect pairing to your regular barre practice. 

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Parties are all about celebrating something special with those "favorite people in your life". BarreU offers a new perspective on party.

We invite you to share a new party experience with those "favorite people in your life"

Our Barre-ty options vary but always include a little bit of a barre workout, followed by a party. 

Book your barre-ty now, and wow your guests with a whole new party experience. 

Both men and women are welcome to join in the fun!


(Childcare available Mon.10:30am & Th. 9:00am)

Barre in the Park begins Tuesday, June 13th!

Monday        Barre Strength             6:00AM

                    Barre All-Level             10:30AM

                    Step-Up to the Barre    5:30PM

                    Barre Strength             6:00PM (half-hour)
Tuesday       Barre All-Level              6:00AM; 9:00AM

                    Barre Zen                     5:30PM
Wednesday  Barre All-Level              6:00AM
                    Step-Up to the Barre    5:30PM
                    Barre Strength             6:00PM (half-hour)

Thursday      Barre Strength             6:00AM

                    Barre All-Level              9:00AM

                    Barre Zen                     5:30PM
Friday           Barrelates                     9:00AM
Saturday      Barre All-Level               9:00AM


This class is our Pilates-fused class and takes your "core" to a whole new level. Every exercise designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles, from ribcage to pelvic bone. As always, leg-lengthening and upper-body is added to create a total-body workout. 

Most exercises are practiced on the floor. 

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This class is our Yoga-fused class and works on your flexibility. We practice a barre exercise and alternate it with deep stretching, on the barre - targeting muscles previously worked. 

This is a great class for releasing toxins, loosening up muscles and gaining flexibility!

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We always start with a basic warm-up, followed by exercises done at the barre. We break the class  up with upper-body exercises and always end class with core training and stretching. 

BarreU focuses on leaning and toning your muscle. On average, you burn an average of 450 calories. Embrace the change!

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​STRong IS


* A fusion of dance exercise,

   yoga and pilates
* A 55mn. total body workout
* Intense, calorie-burning 
* Low-impact (protects your joints)
* Tones overall body (arms, back & more)