A high-intensity, low-impact workout.

Each class begins with a warm-up, where we raise the heart rate and prep the body for work.

This is followed by toning and strength exercises at the barre & upper-body exercises with hand-weights.

We end class with core-strength-training and deep stretching. 

We practice barefoot to allow for our feet muscles to workout, too!

Recommended clothing: leggings, sports bra and a loose tank or t-shirt.  

Step-up to the barre

This class takes barre to a whole new level. This high-intensity burns major calories and is a great way to get cardiovascular exercises in.

A fusion of barre and step, this class if fun, upbeat and the perfect pairing to your regular barre practice. 

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This class is our Pilates-fused class and takes your "core" to a whole new level. Every exercise is designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles, from rib-cage to pelvic bone. As always, leg-lengthening and upper-body exercises are added to create a total-body workout. 

Most exercises are practiced on the floor. 

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We always start with a basic warm-up, followed by exercises done at the barre. We break the class  up with upper-body exercises and always end class with core training and stretching. 

BarreU focuses on leaning out and toning up your muscles.

On average, you burn 450 calories per class. Embrace the change!​

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We are about...

  • B - barre - a length and strength workout 

         Fusing dance exercise, pilates &                     yoga.

  • B - BeYoutiful from the inside out.
  • B - Bring it - bring the best you to your workout and to your LOCAL community.


Monday       Barre All-Level              6:00AM

                    Barre All-Level             10:30AM

                    Step-Up to Barre            5:30PM 

                    Barre On-the Mat          6:30PM             

Tuesday       Barre All-Level               6:00AM

                   Barre On-the Mat          7:30AM

                    Barre All-Level               9:00AM

                    Barre All-Level               5:30PM

Wednesday  Barre All-Level               6:00AM

                    Step-Up to Barre            9:00AM

                    Barre All-Level               4:30PM
                    Step-Up to Barre            5:30PM

                    Barre On-the Mat          6:30PM

​Thursday      Barre On-the Mat          6:00AM

                    Barre All-Level               7:30AM

                    Barre All-Level               9:00AM

                    Barre All-Level               4:30PM

                    Barre All-Level               5:30PM

                    Step-Up to Barre            6:30PM

Friday          Barre On the Mat           9:00AM

Saturday      Barre All-Level              9:00AM

Sunday         Barre All-Leve              4:00PM

                    Barre Technique (every 1st Sunday at 11am-75mn.)

​STRong IS


Barreu - the 3 b's

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