BarreU cda Welcome to Barreu CDA Mobile App. Download it TODAY and join the Barre-ty and be the change you want to be - inside and out! Our Story- With 18 years under my belt, I started BarreU to help women of all ages and fitness backgrounds discover their best ‘you’. At BarreU, each workout is designed to lengthen your legs, redefine your abs and glutes and strengthen your overall body, at maximum results. The best part is any fitness level and any age can do it! BarreU is a workout like no other. It is the perfect combination of pilates, dance exercise and yoga. This fusion allows for a leaner and stronger body, while gaining spinal stability and core strength. BarreU is a community of women, who are passionate about getting fit. We encourage health and fitness, providing the foundation to get stronger each time. See you at the Barre - Jenny Wiglesworth. 1365055202